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Temporary Residency

Temporary resident visas (commonly called visitor visas) are entry documents which foreign nationals are required to obtain prior to coming to Canada unless exempted.
Foreign national applies for temporary visitor, as a studentworker, business, visiting to family/friends or for tourism. The base application is for a temporary resident visa. The visa in the form of counterfoil on passport is then presented by the foreign national at the port of entry to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). The CBSA officer has the right to assess that the requirements are met by the foreign national.  If the officer is satisfied that the requirements are met, the foreign national is then conferred with visitor, student or work status.

Visa Exempt Countries

There are over 50 visa exempt nationalities.
These travelrs, however need an eTA before they can board a flight to Canada
Foreign nationals who do not require visas to come to Canada have flexibility to apply for student or work status at a visa office abroad. In addition, since they do not need an entry document to come to Canada, they can often apply for temporary status right at the port of entry.

Visitor Status


Primary conditions placed on all Temporary Residents are:
  • To leave Canada by the end of the period authorized for their stay
  • Not work unless authorized
  • Not study unless authorized
Default period of stay of foreign national as temporary resident is six months. However other periods can be set, based on factors such as the expiry date of passport, available funds to afford reside in Canada and the duration applied for.
Temporary visitors are not permitted to study or work in Canada, unless authorized.

Visa Required


Travellers, who require a visa  to come to Canada by any method of travel – plane, car, bus, train, or cruise ship.


Workers and students

If you’re a worker or student, you must also meet Canada’s entry requirements. A work permit or study permit is not a visa. In most cases, you’ll also need a valid visitor visa or eTA to enter Canada.