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Provincial Nominee Class

Through Provincial Nominee Programs, provinces are allowed to select immigrants and retain them, to meet their self-identified needs. Once selected by the province, federal government (IRCC) has the jurisdiction to process the application related to criminal, security and medical check.

Depending of province requirements, PNPs have a wide range of programs. However, some of the components are common and are available through each program.



One of the popular PNPs component is business/entrepreneur stream. With relevant business or management experience, education, and required personal net worth, along with the intention to start new business or buy an existing business in the province.  Immigrant is required to be actively involved on an ongoing basis in the management of the business and employ Canadians or permanent residents for running the business. An exploratory visit and /or in person interview is normally required.

Family Connections

Some provinces encourage if applicant has family or close connections and may become eligible to apply. This component is an additional benefit for the applicant as well as for the province in settlement of the immigrant and hence retention for the province. Applicant will, however, need to meet minimum criteria related to the immigration program of the province; i.e. education, work experience, age, job offer etc.

International student/graduate stream

In this stream, provinces select post-secondary graduates of publically funded institutions in Canada. Depending on the province, requirements may vary from study period in Cnada, job offer in the province, work experience.

Self-employed – farmer stream

This stream is typically for those who already are farm owners or have farm management skills, with minimum net worth, and are willing to purchase farm. Applicant need to submit a business plan. Some provinces have age limit as well.

How to apply for a Canadian Provincial Nominee Program:

First step is to check which component suits you best. the Check and see which Provinces offer the most suitable component/category and check the requirements for each PNP to determine your eligibility.

1.  Some provinces allow you to apply directly to the province for nomination.

If your application is successful Province will issue a Nomination Certificate.

 Once nominated, apply for Canadian permanent residence through Permanent Residence Portal.

2.  Other PNPs use an Expression of Interest (EOI) system, where qualified applicants submit a profile that is ranked on a points-based system for the chance to receive an invitation to apply for nomination. Again check the requirement and eligibility and submit your Expression of Interest.

3.  Some PNPs invite foreign nationals to submit applications, either by selecting candidates directly from the Express Entry pool or by having interested individuals submit a formal Expression of Interest.

 4.  If your chosen PNP is aligned with Express Entry, you can do this online. If not, you must submit a paper-based application.

5. Apply through the Express Entry Process:

– Create an account and submit an Express Entry profile.
– Apply to an Express Entry-aligned PNP
– Receive an Express Entry stream nomination
-Confirm the Express Entry on your profile and receive 600 additional points
-Wait to receive an invitation for permanent residence
-Apply for Canadian permanent residence through the Express Entry system